What makes a tea a good tea or taking notes about Yibang 2014

Dátum pridania: Júl 4, 2014

Yibang is one of the six old famous mountains. In Yibang is mainly grown the small leaves species tea trees. It makes it different from other pu-erh tea mountains as the most are planted with big leaf variety. The tea itself is different and distinctive.

It has a very smooth bitterness finish from the start. Even the first brew, using only 3 grams of almost broken leaves makes a very tasty and comfortable, sweetish with bitter finish tea soup. The second brew gave a more distinctive refined bitter-sweet, fruity taste, with nutty aftertaste. The body feels awakened and getting slowly a strength for the upcoming day.

A blank mind and forgotten brew in the teapot. How this one will taste? You never achieve and concieve the same taste and feeling. The sensations are just bits and bits interconnected in an imagitive flow. The tea opens your mind and sometimes it feels like it blanks it, erase everything is there and only an empty space is left there. The tea brought you here and suddenly is forgotten.

You drink your cup and you say this is a tea and what? Then you go on other bussiness and suddenly a fantastic aftertaste appears in your mouth. You say this a great tea indeed. This tea all fits my preferences of a good and fresh pu-erh tea. It an unobtrusive pu-erh for me, it is not trying to be anything that is not. Once the aftertaste in your mouth you just keep drinking warm water and enjoy it.

In the evening you feel the tea everywhere, from you body, from your fingers, in the air. This is not a punchy LBZ but a tea that makes you become a tea itself.


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