Shu 7581 - 1998
  • Shu 7581 - 1998
  • Shu 7581 - 1998
  • Shu 7581 - 1998

Shu 7581 - 1998

„tailor-made” private production “ Zhong Cha Gong Si”

This tea was stored for the whole time in mountain district of Taiwan.

7581 is the number and formula which originated in Kun Ming Tea Factory, the earliest production was in 1970 decade and famous for the fragrance of jujube.  75 means the year they started to use this recipe, the 8 means the grade of tea leaves are larger and older and with some stems, the 1 refers to the factory code which is CNNP

This  7581 now also has a special fragrance, some taiwanesse customers say that the fragrance is like the longan fruit “龍眼” a fruit from Asia.

It even has a possibility to transform into the fragrance like the “ginseng” which is the traditional Chinese medicine.

This tea price went up after I ordered this one due a big demand from mainland China. If this tea will be restocked in the future, its price will be around 70 euro per 250 grams.


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Product Blog,

The consistency of tea is very thick, rich. As if the tea would increased the density of infusion in your mouth. In the aftertaste there is astringency, fruity tones. Your mouth is flooded by slightly earthy and sweet taste coming back from your throat after a while – May be Hui Gan again? It is just a very pleasant feeling in the mouth.

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I opened the paper bag and the flavor was nice. No musty smell in. Normal shu. Smelt of old, slightly damp cellar, nuts and prunes. And seemingly Puer looked too well. When washing, boiling water fragrance became even more powerful, as if I had poured boiling water not tea, and prunes. I smelled like a junkie for a long time, these blackened and soften these pieces of brick. In subsequent spilling became already dominate nutty wood smel.

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