Tuo 2004 - mellow
  • Tuo 2004 - mellow
  • Tuo 2004 - mellow
  • Tuo 2004 - mellow
  • Tuo 2004 - mellow

Tuo 2004 - mellow

Name: Shu Tuocha
Year: 2004
Weight: 100 grams

„tailor-made” private production “ Zhong Cha Gong Si” in Dayi (Menghai tea factory). This tea is made by a dayi employe on a special request from Taiwan.

This is a succesful next batch of succesful 2003 shu Tuo. Even aged better I would say and the material might have been good too.

The same notes as from 2003 one as it applies to it:
This is a perfect, aged shu pu-erh tea for a reasonable price. Why? It was produced in large scale so the final price of this tea is very affordable. It was stored in Taiwan and in 10 years transformed into a stage when this shu pu-erh is very tasty to drink. This private production tea is not burdened with a famous brand name so that it's price is not affected by it. Also it is not taken as a stock investment but it is simply a good tea to drink for it's taste not for it's fame.


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