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Name: Xia Guan Tie Bing 1992 Shu (下關鐵餅)
Year: 1992 (the whole cake weights less due to loose water content in the tea leaves during aging)
Weight: 357 grams

Stored Location: Low mountain near the city in Taipei
The grade of maocha in fact was low, only grade 9, but the recipe of this tea is very good so that this also can prove the importance of a recipe and also procesing and so that the right aging conditions for pu-erh tea. Most of the aged shu puerh teas are just smooth, but this one is thick and it gives a very comforting feeling.

In 1950s, Zhong Cha Gong Si improved their skill for a material of their mold that pressed a shape of a puerh bing cha cake. The usual way to shape the bing cha cake is to use a cloth and then to have it pressed into a stone mold. A "tie bing" uses a mental mold to have stronger pressure on aa tie bing cake so that a tie bing cake will be more tight and its shape will be like a well shaped disk. The tight pressing will contribute to slower transformation time than a normal bing cha cake. The taste will be more richer and there will be preserved more of the original nature of the pu-erh tea.  This is a second shu after 9016 1995 that makes ooaah what a nice taste for a shu pu-erh tea.


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