NaYi 2009
  • NaYi 2009
  • NaYi 2009
  • NaYi 2009
  • NaYi 2009

NaYi 2009

Nannuo bitterness with wide Yiwu fruity background.

Overall feeling:
Durable, smooth, well aging, selected material, well blended Yiwu with Nannuo

Stored: in Taiwan

Material: Mainly Yiwu, small part of it was from Nannuoshan. A first class small production Tuocha made on a special order by Xian Shan Cha Chang company.

Foot notes:
2009 was  a very good year and this tuo is a prove of it too. Made mostly from plantation tea, it gives a great aging potential that is already shown after 5 years of storage in Taiwan humid mountains.


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