smokey_LEE 2002
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  • smokey_LEE 2002
  • smokey_LEE 2002

smokey_LEE 2002

It took me a few tastings to get to the core of this cake. Its smoky nature, an unique taste and never ending brews indicates that the material used for it, was not ordinary. It was made at the begining of gushu (wild tree tea haze). They say its maocha is from wild tea trees. Later, about 6 and later brews makes an evidence of it. The smokies is subdued and sweetnes comes up.

Apparent smokiness in refined old and aging notes, later sweetness appears, smothness.

Overall feeling:
A very special, not ordinary tea, rather meant for hard-core pu-erh tea drinkers that like smokiness, a strong taste topped with a cream in a gushu sweetnes form.

Stored: in Guangzhou

All in all, this seems like a rustical, not graded maocha from far remote, rural places. More accurate whereabouts is Jiang Cheng, which in Southeastern of Yunnan Province and is located in the intersection of Simao 思茅、Honghe 紅河 and Xishuangbanna.

Foot notes:
A long term storage might still supress the smokiness.


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