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Name: Tuocha
Year: 1985 (the whole Tuocha weights less due to loose water content in the tea leaves during aging)
Weight: 250 grams


„tailor-made” private production “ Zhong Cha Gong Si”

This tea was stored for the whole time in mountain district of Taiwan.

The material for this Tuo come from Lao Banzhang and Nannuoshan, from ancient, gushu big trees.

The taste is still strong, with a slight bitternes and has still a pontential for further development. At this stage the tea is very mature, rich, with strong calming effect, making a good companion for a long winter evening. This is a very rare tea to come by and have a chance to try it. The storage must have been very clean as the tea soup very pleasant and tasty. More about the taste later.


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Product Blog

You can smell tea in the flavor. Yes tea. The real pure. This is the only description that I can use. Brilliant taste of tea from the first infusion to the last one. The line of this tea is equal as if you would draw it using a ruler.

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