Mengku 2006
  • Mengku 2006
  • Mengku 2006
  • Mengku 2006
  • Mengku 2006
  • Mengku 2006
  • Mengku 2006

Mengku 2006

Name: Mengku
Year: 2006
Weight:cca 390 grams

This tea  I bought from one Kunming tea shop back in 2010. They said its Mengku Bingdao gushu, but with my todays experience and skills I would not call it gushu tea, maybe some part of it, neither call it Bingdao, so I put the name only as Mengku tea. It was picked in 2006 spring, pressed in 2007. When breaking up the whole cake its aroma is still pretty refreshing, the tea is aging slowly, refining, more smooth these days, the bitterness is more polished, the feeling is good and cooling.

floral, fine, smooth, Lincang profile, cooling sensation, spicy-bitter-sweet

Stored: since 2010 in Slovakia, before that stored in Kunming, Yunnan

Review: Petr Novak liked this tea but please take his notes as one's opinion, each of us has different view and taste preferences :-) so follow yours only

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