old school 7542
  • old school 7542
  • old school 7542
  • old school 7542
  • old school 7542
  • old school 7542

old school 7542

Name: 7542
Year: 2011
Weight: 357 grams

I tasted several 7542 original Dayi cakes from recent years going back to 1997. Only the oldest made quiet an impression on me. Although this one cost several hundreds Euro already. I also run into a few 'private order 7542 cakes too.  The 2011 one, a dry stored in Jiangsu, with very strong typical characteristics and a good price had to end up in pu-erh.sk aged raw pu-erh teas offer.

Clean without any disturbing side effect, a strong bitterish, fruity 'menghai' style maintaining at least first 10-11 brews. Very long, tasty, nutty aftertaste.

Overall feeling:
I am being constantly amazed by this cake. It will be and already is a great Menghai style Pu.

Stored: in Yixing, first 4 years, then in Taiwan

Recipe 7542, maocha (material) from  Meng Hai areas that are south part from Lancang Jiang (瀾滄江), from Xishuangbanna (西雙版那) Bada巴達、Bulang shan布朗山、Banzhang班章、Nannuo shan南糯山)

Foot notes:
Very promising cake made in the modern era as back in the old days of state factories. Old style (Yellow mark) of paper wrapping makes it a retro cake. It's current price it makes a very accessible well made everyday pu-erh tea.


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