GǔShù Ba dá '12
  • GǔShù Ba dá '12
  • GǔShù Ba dá '12
  • GǔShù Ba dá '12
  • GǔShù Ba dá '12
  • GǔShù Ba dá '12

GǔShù Ba dá '12

Name: BaDa '12
Year: 2012, first spring leaves
Weight: 250 grams
Country of origin: mountain BaDa, Yunnan, China

these cakes were stored in a warehouse of Douji tea company in Guangzhou since 2012 until 2017, cakes are made of selected, hand processed, old tea tree leaves, strong bitterness, strong feeling, storage apparent, bitter with sweet lingering tones, sweetish fruityness, sugar cane, aging taste blended into sweetish tones, vibrating cchi, only 9 whole cakes available, one cake plus one sample per order only

Reviewed by Hobbs back in 2012.


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