6FTM GǔShù Gé dēng 革登
  • 6FTM GǔShù Gé dēng 革登
  • 6FTM GǔShù Gé dēng 革登
  • 6FTM GǔShù Gé dēng 革登
  • 6FTM GǔShù Gé dēng 革登

6FTM GǔShù Gé dēng 革登

Name: Gedeng
Year: 2009 autumn
Weight: 400 grams

Tasting notes: warm feeling, earthy, sweet aftertaste, fruity in later steeps, mature character, nuts, almonds

This pu-erh tea was produced in autumn of 2009. The autumn of 2009 was very dry what made new tea leaves grow slowly. A dry autumn is good for tea leaves making or rather drying, the air humidity is lower so better for tea leaves sun drying and not getting moldy. This cake is a part of a set of seven 400 grams bingcha cakes that are put together from the old 6 famous tea mountains. There is an addition of premium Yiwu cake (the best of Yiwu, maocha collected from Gua Feng Zhai and Ding Jia Zhai ). These cakes were stored in a Douji warehouse in GuangZhou since 2009 and were moved to Slovakia just now.

These teas were made by a guy called Jim, a chinesse merchant who does the best, you may see him in this short movie. I met this guy back in 2009 and later years.


Only 2 whole cakes of this tea are available and 2 whole tongs.

The famous tea mountais were considered Yibang (Wooden Clapper), Gedeng (Leather Stirrup) Mangzhi (Copper), Manzhuan (Iron Brick), Youle (Copper Gong), Mansa (Seed Sowing Bag).


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