GǔShù YìWǔ HuāngYě '16
  • GǔShù YìWǔ HuāngYě '16
  • GǔShù YìWǔ HuāngYě '16
  • GǔShù YìWǔ HuāngYě '16
  • GǔShù YìWǔ HuāngYě '16
  • GǔShù YìWǔ HuāngYě '16
  • GǔShù YìWǔ HuāngYě '16
  • GǔShù YìWǔ HuāngYě '16

GǔShù YìWǔ HuāngYě '16

Name: GǔShù YìWǔ HuāngYě
Year: 2016 first spring plucking
Weight: 250 grams
Country of origin: Yunnan, China


A strong wild tea tree character, earthiness, a fruity acidity very characteristic for wild tea, slight sweetness, pure taste, smooth bitterness.

Tasting notes taken on 3/10/2016: a warm feeling, a citric/wild tail before aftertaste apearing, a soft, fruity aroma in the cup, an aging in progress, slight rootiness reflecting old tea trees, strong stems indicating old tea trees, a strong character apearing once the all the freshness of new maoch disappeared, needs at least 3-4 brews to show its true face, strong a cognac like tones appearing in the taste like with 1985 special Tuo, a very nice sweeting aftertaste while drinking the 9th steep - not very typical Yiwu one, rather unique

A new feature of pu-erh.sk :

pu-erh.sk produced from GǔShù YìWǔ HuāngYě pu-erh tea 12 x 250 grams cakes. They are numbered (stamped) as [041-052]-2016. 

The record* of a sale of each cake will be kept for pu-erh.sk These records can be seen later on the pu-erh.sk web site. I thought this way we can all track where cakes of pu-erh.sk went to, where are stored, if they changed its owner, how they are stored, how they age and how they taste. On the web site itself I thought that each owner can create/modify/maintain his own notes on his own. It will be up to each one of you if the record will be kept public or not.   

*Quantity, date of sale, name of an owner, a country sent to.


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