bingcha tray #8
  • bingcha tray #8
  • bingcha tray #8
  • bingcha tray #8
  • bingcha tray #8
  • bingcha tray #8
  • bingcha tray #8

bingcha tray #8

Length: 22.3 cm Width: 22.3 cm Height: 5.8 cm
Wood used: walls are made of ash wood and the bottom is of cherry wood

Recommended for big men with big hands, thick walls.

Czech, young, skilled craftman Matej loves wood and things made of it.

A hand-made, a wax impregnation and oil* applied (see more details about the oil below).This tray is designed to handle dismantling standard pu-erh tea cakes (and smaller like 250 grams). The woods used are hard and suitable for occasional stabs. Once thetea  is peeled off, the appropiate quantity is left on the tray, you may sift the tea through the cut off corner into a scoop or directly into a tea vessel.  

Quantity produced:
Each piece is unique.

- Osmo Top Oil is a hard-wearing finish based on on natural waxes and oils
- Enhances natural beauty of wooden tables and worktops
- Does not peel, flake, crack or blister
- Good performance in high humidity areas
- Excellent resistance against water, juices, wine, beer and fizzy drinks


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