mocha cup #42
  • mocha cup #42
  • mocha cup #42
  • mocha cup #42
  • mocha cup #42
  • mocha cup #42
  • mocha cup #42

mocha cup #42

Content of the cup:
125 ml

Czech potter Jiri Duchek makes ceramics for 25 years, his skills, creativity, a dedication to study the history of ceramic arts, collecting old antique ceramics and reconstructing old ways of making pottery, collecting and making his own local clays and own glazes, firing his pottery in woodfiring kilns, his dedication to make his pottery entirely from locally sourced materials, locally meaning within the countryside he lives, all and many more features make this man the master of pottery craft.

In England back in 18-19 century were produced in our perspective a very specific earthware. Specific by its decor. This ceramics from this era is these days called by historians like 'Mocha Ware'.

Here it starts to be interesting, the decor of a 'tree' is called dendrity but not Mocha. There is no connection between Mocha and dendrity.

Mocha is a rock, a special agate rock in which these tree decors appear. These rock were exported to Europe from a port in Red sea and this port was called Mocha. The rock was sold to this port by Arabs. So this way it got its name.

As the pattern on this rock was resembling the decor on this ceramics, and this was quiet fancied, a whole historic epoch of english earthware was called - Mocha Ware.

Quantity produced:
The cup was made in one piece only. Each cup reflects potters mood/idea/thought, it's not drawn beforehand, it's made only at that moment, here and now, once made, once fired and  maybe used for your lifetime.



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