tiny shibo #5
  • tiny shibo #5
  • tiny shibo #5
  • tiny shibo #5
  • tiny shibo #5
  • tiny shibo #5

tiny shibo #5

Content: cca 50 ml

Author: Stefan Andersson

Quantity available: 17 shiboridashis (limited series)

a notes by Stefan Andersson:

This pot has a open form with a simple comb decorated band on the rim. The clay is has a granulated texture from sand and grog that gives the pot a special feel and visual appearance. The colouring is from wood firing in the front part of my dragon kiln. The intense flames have painted patterns in grey and orange on the light clay body and lefts specks of ash on the lid as the flame pulls it towards the chimney.

About the dragon kiln: The dragon kiln has its root back at least 4000 years and through out asia many different types of it has developed (like the Anagama). They are all more or less a tube shaped kiln with a chimney in one end and a firebox in the other. They use a very primitive combustion system and for them to reach peak temperatures of 1300 degrees celsius and more great amounts of wood is needed. Though very inefficient the process renders many effect you never see in any other kiln or firing and the kilns almost get personalities prone to one effect here and one there.
One can imagine how these kilns gave the first stoneware glazes as they pulled out pots and saw that the ash from the would melted on the pots and became glaze. The next step was simply to dip the pots in ash and modern glazes had started developing.


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