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Content of the teacup:
50 ml, height: 38 mm, diameter: 60 mm

Artist Wen-Chiao Lin

Quantity produced:
The teacups are sold each separately as are painted each with an unique picture.

The teacups are made of high quality porcelain.

About the author and his works:
Artist Wen-Chiao Lin  “YUEJINREN”

Born in 1957 in Yansui, Tainan, Taiwan(Formerly known as Yuejin), Lin calls himself Yuejinren. He graduated from Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School and The National Chung Hsing University, Department of Environmental Engineering.

Lin started his artistic life in his high school days and has been participating in numerous exhibitions. From 1974 on, he was mentored by masters from both sides across the Taiwan Strait, honing his skills ranging from ink wash painting, calligraphy to seal carving. He internalize and incorporate his experience of travelling and landscape painting into his style, merging both traditional and new era aesthetics.

The base china are hand-made by collaborating artist, or are manufactured in Yingge district, famous for producing porcelain products. Realism, abstractism and design are all fused into the creations of painted or blue-and-white porcelain; By employing and blending new techniques of blue-spraying and glaze-stacking, traditional Chinese painting is represented in a cleverly ingenious style, presented with a more modern flow. The artistic works channels the mood of a painting in the form of a piece of porcelain.
We hope that all viewers can see the mysterious charm and enjoy a feast of classical Eastern ink wash painting. Moreover, to be moved by this series of works!


National Youth Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition, Calligraphy Social Division 2nd, 3rd place
National Youth Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition, Traditional Painting Social Division 2nd, 3rd place
Literature and Arts Golden Award, Calligraphy Silver Award
Taipei Arts Awards, Quality Award


Ping-Lin Tea Museum – Multiple mediums
United States Information Services Taiwan – Ink wash painting
National Taichung Library – Ink wash painting, Calligraphy
Guangzhou Exhibition of blue-and-white porcelain

National Palace Museum – The Art of Carving Sacred Lilies
Taipei Tech University – The Aesthetics of Orchid and Bamboo
Ludi Community College – The Research and Studies of Tea


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