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XiShi D

Name of teapot: XiShi
Clay: DuanNi
Content: 80
Sieve: many holes ball type / flat 7 wholes
Method of making: half-hand made
Made by:经典陶坊 (jīng diǎn táo fāng)
Recommended usage: Oolong teas, green teas

This teapot was made of first class, natural material, clay. There were not used any addtitional colours or other chemicals. This teapot is partially handmade so that each piece is unique and can slightly differ one from other.

Before first use of a teapot you should boil it (for about 10 minutes) in a clean water. During usage a teapot should be washed only with clean water. Any cleaning products could get into the micro pores of the teapot so that influence the final taste of your tea.

When brewing a tea in a teapot you may pour the water over the teapot too. This might produce a nice shine on a surface of it, even within a few weeks. Always clean your teapot after each used. You forget only once the tea leaves in your teapot and they get molded. Once this happens your teapot would be 'dead'.

After buying this teapot a its use for a period one month would convince you that this vessel is truly a perfect one for making tea. In case you will not be satisfied with your teapot, you may return it after a period of month without stating the reason. There will be refunded the full price of teapot after deduction of shipping cost. 


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