Sheng Pu-erh

The chinesse word Sheng with the word Pu-erh means 'raw' or even 'live'. Pu-erh tea is processed in a similar way as green tea. The leaves are picked from tea trees of big leaves variety, in latin called  thea assamica. The processed tea leaves that are called maocha are further pressed in various shapes so that they might be stored and transported easily.  The pressed cakes or bricks can be stored in a long term periods (years). Such stored tea is in a long term, in decades of years, aging, naturally fermenting, simply getting better. 'Young' Sheng Pu-erh is drinkable in his early stage too, tastes like rich, thick, complex green teas, in a year time loosing its green tea taste and starting to naturally ferment.

All the Sheng Pu-erh's in our offer are made of  leaves that are picked and processed  from old tea trees  grown in subtropical mountain forests of Yunnan, in Xishuangbanna area. They are known locally as Gushu or Dashu Cha. All of them are hand processed and each one represents one tea garden or we rather call it a forest. They are not blended so that a characterist taste of a particular area can be discerned.

The Pu-erh's are stored in dry, mid-european conditions, in a controlled air-ventilated store. We have some part of our storage kept in Guangdong province in China.  The quantity of most of the offered teas is small, mailnly for tasting purposes only. We keep archive for each tea and their releases will begin in about 20 years.