ECO tea from Taiwan

Dátum pridania: Jún 19, 2014

Who cares about Organic food?

Why to bother?

The idea, the thing that brought me to organic teas and in general to organic food was simply curiosity and a few things that happened in my life.

I do not support drastic changes in one’s life. I rather slowly, naturally find new ways to improve the quality of my life.

I do myself a bit of gardening too. Growing a few chilies, herb, fruit trees and tomatoes. Trying to grow nectarines, plumbs, pears and some other trees too.  I always was told that nectarines, a fruit that is in the same family as peaches, need to be sprayed against a certain the curling leaves disease.  I did that for several years, it almost helped but never cured the trees.

Then I found a forgotten fruit garden nearby. Not exactly forgotten but the owner simply does not do anything in it, except he comes some years to pick a part of the fruits to make a strong liquor of it. In this garden there are three huge apricot trees along with other apple and other trees.  The last summer and previous summers I had peaches from these trees. They were amazing, full of aroma and sweet taste. They tasted like peaches, their aroma was like peaches, they tasted exactly like the fruit, full of sun, full nature. And the trees are healthy and growing without a use of any chemicals. Although they cope with general diseases but without any use of chemicals.

Why is that?

I remembered this garden when I was in Taiwan this March. Walking through the tea fields in Nantou. In this part of Taiwan everybody, most of the farmers, uses pesticides. Even my hosts, that drove me, were amazed why we go to this place. Why we go to visit this tea farmer lady?

When we met this lady at her tea farm I asked her why she started organic farming.  She said that once her father died at age of 49, from liver cancer, she started to think about these things.  Why not to do tea that she and her friends can drink safely?

I was walking in those fields, in her gardens and noticed all these bugs, insects, ants, butterflies. All that insect buzzing.

When I was walking many other tea gardens in Taiwan I encountered no insects at all or maybe a few only.

Why was that?

It remained me of my few early childhood memories. When we played at the back of our house meadow.  The warmth of the summer, insect buzzing, high grass and everything just growing around. These things were all just nature.

If a certain pests are killed by spraying pesticides then others even good ones are killed. The circle of life is broken. Then new insects migrate from other nearby garden. If there is no other insect or animal stoping and eating it then it spreads, eats everthing, spreads until a new chemical substance is applied. This is the easy way, the way you go and buy all those chemical agent without thinking.  The chemical stays on the leaves, on the tree, goes to the earth, to the roots and to the fruits.

We use all those weeds killers but forget about the life in the grass, in the earth. We forget about the balance of nature. We forget about our children playing freely on our lawn. Picking up a stem of grass and chewing it. How many times I did that when I was a child. I used to love the taste of it.

The other day my wife tells me that in their school the weed killer is used while the children are playing around.

Do these people realize? I do not think so.

The dream of a perfect weedless garden is projected in us by all those fancy magazines.  The picture of fancy, big, colourful fruits and vegetables. All the year around available.  Welcome to the weedless world, welcome to the heaven full of fruits as seen in those nice TV ads.

I started to choose my teas lately also based on the fact how I feel after drinking such a tea soup. In case my mind is disturbed, in case I get a rash suddenly on my face, the tongue is somehow stingy, I rather avoid such teas.  A clean tea taste is pure and refined.  It is like drinking a water out of a mountain spring. The taste is so pure that you feel the cleaness and freshness of it.  The overall feeling of the body and mind after drinking such teas is light, slightly exalted and comfortable.

This was a short introduction to two new teas I just stocked from Taiwan. These are from other part of Taiwan, a biggest water reservoir of this island, from Pinglin. They are made an old and traditional way. Made as a baozhong tea.  By a 74 year old man, who’s farther and grandfather did the same. Grew and made a good and natural tea.


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