fragrance of korean organic hand-made green tea

Dátum pridania: Júl 17, 2014

Why korean green tea? I was just thinking about my affection to korean tea this morning. It might be maybe because its processing is very similar to making a material for pu-erh tea. It grows in the mountains, it is processed by hands, it is made by honest hands. Also refering to its taste it is a fusion of chinesse and japanesse green tea. Both I like but even more I like to have their characteristics included in one tea.


What makes a tea a good tea or taking notes about Yibang 2014

Dátum pridania: Júl 4, 2014

You drink your cup and you say this is a tea and what? Then you go on other on bussiness and suddenly a fantastic aftertaste appears in your mouth. You say this is a great tea indeed. This tea all fits my preferences of a good and fresh pu-erh tea. It is an unobtrusive pu-erh for me, it is not trying to be anything that is not. Once you realize the aftertaste in your mouth you just keep drinking warm water and enjoy it.