fragrance of korean organic hand-made green tea

Dátum pridania: Júl 17, 2014

Why korean green tea? I was just thinking about my affection to korean tea this morning. It might be maybe because its processing is very similar to making a material for pu-erh tea. It grows in the mountains, it is processed by hands, it is made by honest hands. Also refering to its taste it is a fusion of chinesse and japanesse green tea. Both I like but even more I like to have their characteristics included in one tea.


ECO tea from Taiwan

Dátum pridania: Jún 19, 2014

I started to choose my teas lately also based on the fact how I feel after drinking such a tea soup. In case my mind is disturbed, in case I get a rash suddenly on my face, the tongue is somehow stingy, I rather avoid such teas. A clean tea taste is pure and refined. It is like drinking a water out of a mountain spring. The taste is so pure that you feel the cleaness and freshness of it. The overall feeling of the body and mind after drinking such teas is light, slightly exalted and comfortable.


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