About us

PU-ERH.sk is a website that will try to offer mostly selected “gushu” Pu-erh’s from the 10 famous tea mountains of Yun-Nan province. Further offer will include Yixing teaware made from natural, locally mined, high quality clays, free of any chemicals and added colors. All products are selected locally in Yun-Nan and in Yixing.

PU-ERH.sk would like to offer here only tea and teaware that I personally like, prefer, drink and use. All the stuff here is selected with care, with focus on quality and its true origin. All the suppliers including me are honest men that are doing their job with love for tea and spreading its culture. Some of the teas a teaware can be tried in a tea house My&Mama of my friend Jakub that is located in Bratislava center on Safarikovo namestie.

PU-ERH.sk will send tea and teaware to any parts of the world until the order is paid. Please feel free to ask for calculation of shipping cost to your home country.