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Date posted: March 2, 2017

Have you ever been blown away by a single teacup? A cup that you are able to admire a whole day. A cup that is soft once the lips touch it. A cup that gives an amazing tea. A tea that you were sure about that is good but still you were not able to get most of it. The best of it.


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GǔShù MànNuò '12

Persistent aroma of faded roses and buttercream frosting, already infusing amber, savory bitterness without astringency, super long steeper, energetic body feel. Satisfying and belch-worthy - yum.

GǔShù MànNuò '12

Being a fan of Man Nuo teas, I was eager to try this 2012 version, generally a good year in my experience. I welcomed the sample that Peter sent and was not disappointed. This Man Nuo 2012 is first and foremost powerful, with root-strong ancient tree assertiveness. The tea has rounded and aged cleanly, but there is still bold and satisfying tension between fresh Bulang bite and a mellowed sweetness. The high grass, even lemon grass that is in the young Man Nuo profile has turned to deeper grain and is now accompanied by thick honey. This tea has maintained a distinct personality, unabashed and upfront. Qi is striking. A winner.

GǔShù NàKǎ '15

The 2015 Naka is drinking beautifully now, elegant and refined, aromatic and so delicious. It would be wonderful to taste at 20 years, but its deep and fresh complexity makes it impossible to resist now.

HeKai '13

This Hekai is much like some honeys that, beneath their sweetness, leave a subtle, tasty bitterness in the aftertaste, but just the other way round: a nice but not dominant bitterness gives place to a really honey-like tasting sweetness after swallowing the sip. Deep golden colour, oily texture after a few infusions (I filled up my Zini pot with, say, two third of leaf material). Long lasting and great in terms of constancy: All in all I brewed more than twenty infusions, and maybe I could even have gone further as the taste does, musically speaking, fade away in a very long "decrescendo" only. I passed an excellent moment with that tea!

Latest News

Autumn, 2013 pu-erh

(Slovensky) Moje osobné preferencie tohtoročných troch jesenných pu-erhov sú podľa ich cien. LaoManE je smotánka. Tento pu-erh je podobný v niektorých svojich vlastnostiach čajom z Lao Banzhangu. Je vskutku chutný. Farmár z Naka spracoval po jeho jarnom debute veľmi dobrý jesenný čaj. Môj každodenný pu-erh čajík je aj tak jesenné YiWu, i keď NaKa je čajík pre tie dni, keď mám chuť na niečo výnimočné a LaoManE je skôr pôžitkový mňamkový čajík.

Spring pu-erh 2013 tea are selling

New spring pu-erh teas are sellig now. The quality of them is very good. The photos and descriptions will be added later, hopefully within a few days.

Taiwan storage goddies

The Big Green Tree Yiwu 2001 is true goddies and was just now unpacked  form its bamboo tong in Slovakia. Yiwu maocha 1999 is now in stock not only for samples. The third goddie is creamy-nutty Shu Pu from 2000 year.


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