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Date posted: March 2, 2017

Have you ever been blown away by a single teacup? A cup that you are able to admire a whole day. A cup that is soft once the lips touch it. A cup that gives an amazing tea. A tea that you were sure about that is good but still you were not able to get most of it. The best of it.


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(Lǎo) GāoGān MànSā '17

This fits into what I consider the pu-erh.sk house style, carefully treated leaves, fine and complex fragrance, not even a hint of burnt leaf, crystalline mineral backbone, centering energy, the full mixed basket of fruit-like tastes that can only be described as "tastes like really good puerh", perfect for when you want to experience puerh, not just drink it.

GǔShù GéDēng '17

Accurate description from Peter, very careful processing like all '17s I've tried here. Lots of pretty 3 leaf sets. Body energy is super aggressive, if you like centering relaxing tea start out slowly on this. I was shaking after a single cup brewed as heavily leafed as I usually like.

GǔShù BāngPén '17

Creamy mouth feel, strong returning sweetness, steeps swing between bass notes and top notes, as described will get bitter when pushed. Later steeps have an added complexity that reminds me of good purple leaf puerh, surprisingly a relaxing cup.

GǔShù Mànsā '17

More reticent in style, good body, brings a clear alertness without tension, delicate with bitterness, beautiful leaves.

Latest News

Autumn, 2013 pu-erh

(Slovensky) Moje osobné preferencie tohtoročných troch jesenných pu-erhov sú podľa ich cien. LaoManE je smotánka. Tento pu-erh je podobný v niektorých svojich vlastnostiach čajom z Lao Banzhangu. Je vskutku chutný. Farmár z Naka spracoval po jeho jarnom debute veľmi dobrý jesenný čaj. Môj každodenný pu-erh čajík je aj tak jesenné YiWu, i keď NaKa je čajík pre tie dni, keď mám chuť na niečo výnimočné a LaoManE je skôr pôžitkový mňamkový čajík.

Spring pu-erh 2013 tea are selling

New spring pu-erh teas are sellig now. The quality of them is very good. The photos and descriptions will be added later, hopefully within a few days.

Taiwan storage goddies

The Big Green Tree Yiwu 2001 is true goddies and was just now unpacked  form its bamboo tong in Slovakia. Yiwu maocha 1999 is now in stock not only for samples. The third goddie is creamy-nutty Shu Pu from 2000 year.


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