Autumn, 2013 pu-erh

Date posted: January 12, 2014


The autumn pu-erh tea makes you warm and comfortable during cold winter days.

My personal liking of this year three pu-erh teas is according their pricing. LaoManE resembles in some of its characteristics LaoBanzhang teas. It is simply delicious. The Naka farmer makes after his spring debut a good autumnal leaves indeed. The Lao Man E is the cream on the top. My everyday pu-erh drink winner is still Yiwu autumn although Naka is a tea when one wish for something special and Lao Man E is a pu-erh to enjoy indeed.

The quantity of autumnal cakes is pretty low, a kind of micro production, Naka about 25 cakes, LaoManE and Yiwu 15 cakes only. Each order is limited to one cake of each of these three teas.

There were 10 new teapots by ChenTuGen added to the offer.

Also you may notice new tea cups designed and custom made to by Petr Novak.

a bit of chit-chat about the teas…

1. YiWu 2013a

The rural, remote and secret part of Yiwu produced a rustical autumn pu-erh. The tea brew is very autumn like, dark orange and very aromatic. The clear and fancy fruity taste is followed by an almond aftertaste.

2. NaKa 2013a

The Naka king makes its way with a robust and specific taste even in the autumn season. Very powerful tea that despite it’s overwhelming strengh makes you calm and quiet. Sweetish and very pleasant aftertaste. Nicely made leaves are visible from the first sight, strong stalks and veins are apparent in this high mountain gushu pu-erh tea.

3. LaoManE 2013a

The LaoManE rules over this autumn teas. In this village you may find really bitter tea and also sweet teas as the villagers call it. This one is something from the first and second too, very balanced and drinkable from it’s very fresh state. Masterly picked and made maocha makes a great tea, made by a very skillfull and modest buddhist monk. A tea that comes with its sharp edge, a fruity center and very well defined taste.

Stay warm and comfortable during cold winter days

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